Air Reservations

The computer reservation system refers to a computerized system that store and retrieve information and conducting transactions relating to air travel system. It is originally designed and airlines operate it. The major CRS operation that book and sell a ticket is called global distribution system.
It supports the travel agencies and other distribution channel in order to make the reservation for major airline in a single system.
It is an airline return ticket where the destination and origin are not same in both directions. In a general word it allows the traveler to fly into one destination and returns to original departure point from a different destination. It is useful for the traveler when they wish to overland on a specific hour, takes the self-drive between different destinations.
A stop –over refers to schedule break between flights lasing longer than one day, at in-between point when flying to a destination. It is typical between 24 hours and five days where traveler attains option to see a city that lies on the route to final destination.
Once the reservation gets conform, the person is not allowed to modify the passenger on its existing booking.
An additional passenger can be added into an existing reservation only by making a new reservation. One must keep the thing in mind that fares vary every moment and one cannot guarantee the availability of the original fare or flight.
For domestic travel, one can travel with infant in the lap with no additional charge. But in case they require comfort they can book the seat for their infants. An Infant that occupies the seat subjects to full adult fare.
For international ticket, separate ticket is required for every infant whether they sit in lap or accompany the seat.
The confirmation number for air reservation displays on itinerary and confirmation screen, that is been seen after traveler click on the ‘Pay Now with Credit Card ‘or ‘Hold reservation and pay later’ buttons. The copy of reservation ticket sent to the email entered by the traveler while doing reservation.
The right identification required to take the domestic flight are as follows:-
  • Government issued valid photo-identification proof that display holder name, date of birth and gender.
  • The restricted area identity card
  • Passport and citizenship Card.
When a person books the ticket online, an option appears that allows requesting a special meal during flight. The detailed entered by the person is sent to airlines and requested on the applicable flight. In order to change the meal requirement one can contact or request to airline phone number directly.
Yes, an individual can book multiple destinations by clicking the tab of ‘Multi City” tab on “Flight search “option available on the screen while booking the schedule.
Many countries exhibits special requirement concerning the validity of passport. It is often necessary that passport validity would be much longer than travel. The requirement varies according to citizenship along with the other situation. In order to avoid restriction, the individual must check passport and visa requirement of all countries.
If the individual accompanies E-ticket then they must have identification proof that refers to passport for adult passenger and birth certificate in the case of the child. For more convenience, they must a foreign passport and visa.
There is several reasons lead to credit card decline while booking an air ticket such as:-
  • Insufficient funds to complete the payment process.
  • Failing of verification regarding billing address.
  • Low daily spending limit.
  • Internet fraud screening.
Yes all website charge the extra amount that include service fees and taxes that adds to final total when an individual searching the flight online on any website.
When an individual completes the online request they instantaneously get the email of request that includes the booking reference code. If they do not receive it then he or she must check the spam or junk folder of his email-id as sometime it is not displayed on the inbox of individual account as e-mail server router route it to spam folder of user account.
Online booking the air is different from central reservation system as it is more customer- friendly. The online booking allows option to be available on screen and one need to choose required option and fills the necessary details to conform the booking process.
No the baggage cost is not included in trip cost when the customer books the ticket. The extra charge is collected by airline when an individual at time of check-in.
Yes one can make the reservation for someone else by using their own credit or debit card. The only thing that is to be considered is to make sure that name of passenger should be same as it appears on the identification proof of the relevant passenger.
The pricing of an individual ticket is according to the boarding point of flight. The applicable fare of itinerary will be in country where the first airport departure is situated.

Hotel Reservations

It depends on the policy of the hotel. It may differ as per the policies of different hotels, for that one needs to contact the hotel after booking for being assured, and for making the necessary arrangements. Contact details of hotels are available online.
First, one needs to visit the website for reservation after completing the process; it will show the reservation details as well as booking number. Taking print out of this confirmation receipt is advisable. The customer will also receive a confirmation email consisting the hotel’s contact details.
Group reservation depends on the availability of the rooms in a particular hotel at a time. Moreover, the many hotels provide the facility of group accommodation with different terms and conditions, which may apply as per the policies of the hotel. Notable thing is that every hotel has the different policy regarding the number of the room in the group reservation.
Cancellation policy varies from hotel to hotel; it is advisable to check the confirmation email first of all whether they charge anything or not. Generally, one can change or cancel the reservation before the 24hrs of arrival time. One must notice whether the room is non-refundable or it is booked as a part of the special discount.
While booking the room one can check the entire facilities online itself. All the pictures of rooms and list of amenities are available on a website. In fact, some hotels are providing the addition services that too without any extra cost on the other hand some are charging for special requirement of the customer.
In most of the hotels, one can arrange for late hours check- in. It is the most important to keep in mind that one should specify his expected arrival time to the hotel for avoiding any discrepancy. Once the confirmation is received, one can follow up directly to the hotel. Hotel staff will be happy to welcome the visitor but if the arrival is late at night, it might not be possible.
The request for an extra bed for children depends on hotel’s policy and availability. In some hotels, they arrange one extra bed for children with additional charges. While booking hotel the most appropriate way is to check the terms and conditions column because every hotel has the different policy.
The booking hotel is a self-service system, which offers discounted rates. By visiting the website, one can search for hotels, prices, and availability and can book immediately. To their reliable customers, hotels provide some exclusive offer also; the process is quite user-friendly and easy of booking the hotel.
Once the cancellation will be done customer will receive an instant confirmation mail, clients are advised to check their inbox, spam, and junk box folder. If someone has not received any confirmation he can directly contact to the hotel’s customer care number.
A valid credit card is required to confirm the reservation for a stay. However, one can book the hotel by using someone else's card, of course with their permission. In that, the case cardholder’s name is required, and in the comment box, it is required to mention that they permitted him to use the card.

Car Reservations

If the vehicle is stolen or has been involved in an accident, first inform the local police, and then give the configuration number to the rental care office. Finally, call your personal auto insurance company.
No, it does not accept the small credit card that fits on a key ring. The person should bring the standard size credit card or can use another form of payment. Clients can pay through cash for their trip.
  1. Before departure the rental care center, be sure about the path of the destination.
  2. If someone threatens the client by a gun or a knife, just leave your vehicle immediately and inform the local police station.
  3. Avoid money transition via an ATM at night.
Yes, someone can pay without the use of Debit/Credit card but for that, the person has his or her own Cash Deposit ID Card. Applicant must be 21 years of age or older for having their own Cash Deposit ID.
In some states, there is no option to pay cash via tollbooth. In these areas, the camera captures vehicle’s license plate and the rental company will pay for a toll. As per the terms and conditions theses, charges are billed to the credit card of the client.
We provide them spinner Knobs and Hand Controls for their comfortable. There is no additional charge for hand controls. Authorized Drivers are provided to the handicapped person.
We surely provide services to the people, who want to carry their personal pet with them by providing them extra space in the vehicle.
To request the copy of the receipt, please contact us and allow more than 24 hours for the response. The person will surely get the response from our experts.
If the person has left the person item behind, please call our customer care number that is listed on his/her rental agreement. Please contact us immediately, as we cannot guarantee its return to the client, but we will do our best to find the lost item.
He/she have to pay an additional fee to the driver that needs to be paid at the time of picking up your car. An additional amount of fee will be disclosed to the client at the counter. We cannot provide you driver in the middle of the journey.
If client’s age is at less than 18 years, there is only little location, which will allow you to rent a vehicle. Client’s age should be 21-24 years for hiring a vehicle.
Yes, a person can easily change the existing reservation but for those vehicles, new dates and timing should be available. In this situation rate could also change as per their destination. The client just has to inform us and we are ready to help you 24*7.
A valid driver’s license and the main credit card in clients own name will be required for renting a car. Depending on the type of place, some venders may need an extra deposit. We strongly recommend the use of credit card in place of the debit card.
All local charges will be paid directly at the counter but he/she have to pay an additional amount of fee for the additional equipment and the facility charges. Some added item you chose at the counter or winterization fee will charge the clients to cover the cost of additional equipment during the winters.
Please include additional drivers in your booking request or log on to our website, where you can add driver’s request on your reservation. He/she should have to pay an extra fee for hiring a driver that will be paid at the rental counter.
Clients who want to travel outside the country must inform us before hiring the car. For some restricted countries, customers have to pay some additional money. He/she have to purchase an additional insurance cover at the car hire counter in some special cases.
If someone’s flight is canceled or delayed, please call our customer care or email us as quickly as possible so we may hold the vehicle for you. He/ she can inform us earlier about your flight details so that the car hire company will be able to track your flight.
No, he/she will not get any refund in such case because fees are based on the pick-up point and drop-off times. Refund is in the case of cancellation policy in some cases. Some of our vendors do not have a cancellation policy.


If one has already departed for trip, he cannot purchase trip cancellation insurance. It can only be purchased before departing for the trip. These plans can be purchased only when the trip is finalized. Prices may differ for travel insurance depending on the age of traveler and cost of trip.
In most of the plans, arrival and departure date, date of birth, cost of the trip. One does not need to send any paper work to the insurance company. The entire process can be completed online. Insurance can be effective from the next day of purchase.
Various travel insurance plans are available in the market with exciting packages that includes trip interruption, setback, cancelation, medical coverage etc. It depends upon the customer’s requirement and on his comparison skills, whichever he feels suitable, he can choose.

Purchase travel online

He/she use the credit card for online booking via Internet for that he/she should have visited our website. For the more information, a person can call our help- line number. Our help-line is available 24*7.
  1. A person can choose his/her seat by paying online.
  2. He/she can purchase a seat online by using a mobile phone or through a laptop via internet.
  3. A person can choose his/her buses or flight based on timing and boarding points.
Our team of professional has e-mailed the ticket when someone booked his/her seat. Please bring the printout of that particular e-mail at the time of boarding. If you lost that e-mail contact to our helpline number, we will re-send that mail.
It provides a comprehensive travel protection to the client and his/her family before and during the trip. A person needs to buy a travel insurance to protect against the unexpected incidents during the trip.
It also helps in the trip cancellation, which is refundable from our side.

Travel Tips

If the individual arrives at the airport without proper ID, due to reason either it is lost or at home, he or she may still be allowed to fly. By providing additional information one can confirm the identity such as publicly available databases. In case, if the identify does not get verified he or she will not be allowed to enter the screening checkpoints.
The screening of traveler and service animal is done by walk through metal detector. One can walk together or they can individual through separately on a leash.

If the metal detector alarms, then both of them have to undergo additional screening along with a pat-down.
There is no such provision for returning the prohibited items removed from checked baggage. The individual should contact the airline for further questions about possible hazardous materials.
To receive the special assistance the customer must contact the involved airport or airline. The traveler ensures that for attaining special assistance he or must need to book the flight from operating carrier at least 48 hours before from the scheduled departure
When an individual completes the online request they instantaneously get the email of request that includes the booking reference code. If they do not receive it then he or she must check the spam or junk folder of their email-id as sometime it is not displayed in the inbox of individual account as e-mail server router sends it to spam folder of user account
It refers to transport security Administration rule that determines how much liquid traveler can carry in their carry-on bags.
  • Each liquid is to be in 3.4 ounces (or less) container.
  • It must be in 1 clear quart shaped plastic bag.
  • The passengers are allowed to carry one bag along with them.
Yes, an individual can pack food in carry-on or checked bags but the entire food item undergoes the x-ray screening. Food items such as liquid, gels or aerosol must comply with a 3-1-1 liquid rule. The airport officers take the final decision either to allow the certain item or not.
The Common errors refer to invalid credit card numbers, incorrect billing address, and incomplete email address etc. For some errors, individuals notice an alert in red directing them to the specific dilemma. They must make sure to fill the correct information and try to submit the form again. If the problem they can consult the Help center of the airport.
If the traveler carries syringes or needle for medication then he or she must have a doctor note or a prescription as conformation of medical requirement. The airline recommends carrying all possible medical supplies to cover use in-flight.
Many airlines permit the use of mobiles, tablets refers as the gate-to-gate facility. The devices that are capable of transmitting and receiving signals are required to switch to flight mode.